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Fiction & Non-fiction Manuscripts

From a thorough proofreading before submission, to a high-level evaluation of characters and story arc, we can help you make your manuscript shine.



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The right words are key in establishing a brand that inspires confidence and customer interest. That’s where we come in. We help small businesses craft their image by providing the ad copy, slogans, or proofreading needed to give them a leg up in a competitive market.


Technical Writing & Editing

The partners at Broken Crayon Creative have a broad and robust set of experiences ranging from Information Technology to highly technical government systems. We believe the key to technical writing is the ability to digest complex ideas and effectively communicate them for a target audience. We can edit and simplify your technical documents, as well as write descriptions or instructions to your specifications.





Broken Crayon Creative has more graduate degrees than we do people, and we’ve spent untold hours poring over research, theses, and articles. We won’t do your homework for you, but if your scholarly article, thesis defense, or presentation is lacking the flair and clarity that it needs to make an impression, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure the brilliance of your academic work shines through.



Social Media Development & Content

In the age of social media, a steady flow of engaging content is key. Broken Crayon Creative specializes in high-impact, interesting content that will keep customers engaged. We can help you develop a cache of ready-to-use content, or establish a relationship to manage your social media on a day-to-day basis.


Nonfiction Web Content

The internet is huge, and the demand for engaging web content is as high as it has ever been. From humorous pieces that get clicks to company biographies, our experience working in a wide variety of topics and modes makes us an agile, reliable, and creative partner that can help make your website stand out.



Screenplay, Poetry, & Other Forms

Every partner at Broken Crayon Creative is an artist, and the forms in which we work range far and wide. If you’ve got creative work and need help with the written word, we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Drop us a line and find out what we can do for you. We live for this stuff.



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Résumé, Business, & Career

The job market can be tough. Why go into it armed with anything less than the best résumé you can have? Good jobs can sometimes put you up against thousands of candidates, a great introduction can easily mean tens of thousands of dollars in a single year. We can write biographies, business plans, important speeches, or anything else that your career requires.



Translated and ESL Services*

Not every idea intended for an English-speaking audience is written by a native English speaker. Sometimes, that language barrier can lead to a muddled message. That’s where we come in. We can refine and perfect the phrasing so great ideas and understood as clearly as possible, no matter what the original language.


*Please note that Broken Crayon Creative is not a translation service. While, in certain circumstances we may be able to find language experts to assist, translation is not our primary focus.

And more!

Our partners love a challenge just as much as we love words, so if you’ve got a writing or editing job that needs the professional touch, contact us at client.connect@brokencrayoncreative. We’d love to discuss what you’re looking for and what we can provide.

Please note that we do NOT provide the following: ghostwriting or any violations of academic ethics including the creation of academic work that does not belong to the student.
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